About Retrieval Project

Current world is driven by information. Its power is far beyond binary meaning. Information
may serve to report and to communicate however manipulation becomes an appealing option
for the non-democratic countries to feed the illusions of staying within the rights of liberal
economy and justice. Its strength is overwhelming – especially when considering the
interactive nature of social media. There exist the growing imbalance between the
corporations using the newest software and the private users who are often unaware of these
disproportions. The technology of using and analyzing big data sets is expensive, time
consuming and predominantly restricted for authorities or large companies. Many users across
the world build their data trees of information within the word processing software. This data,
hidden inside the folder trees, is difficult to access and to analyze in a systematic manner.

Retrieval Project ® was raised to analyze the incompatible data stored on physical disks. This
type of potentially valuable data sets are typical for developing countries, with inadequate
financial resources and lack of proper organization. This information, although arisen in
difficult environment, may represent a great, so far unrecognized value.