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Why did we create Retrieval Project…

Doctors in a post-communist country such as Poland face numerous difficulties in their daily work.
We, wanting to create a database of patients after heart transplantation at the center in Zabrze, had to face the problem of digitization of healthcare.
In Poland, the introduction of a personal computer to the daily work of hospitals took place in the late 1990s. Initially, they were mainly used to write patient information cards.
At that time, the most common were simply text editors. About 10-15 years ago, they began to be replaced by comprehensive IT systems to support hospitals.
The constant change of the working environment, many different manufacturers and incompatibility of the software meant that the most important was the correct operation of the system on a daily basis during hospitalization.
The summary of the entire hospitalization was an electronic information card in the form of a text file, and the detailed data was stored deep in the system archive, without the possibility of easy access.
Also changes in the IT environment at the hospital made access to archival data harder.
Information cards remained the only easily accessible trace of the patient.
Wanting to build a patient database, as the easiest available material we had information cards, generated by the system according to a template, and containing the results of all performed tests.
Entering these data manually would require several hundred hours of work for one person. We decided to simplify this work and build a tool that would quickly build a database based on these files, performing hundreds of repetitive simple actions.
At the same time, due to the lack of generally available similar tools, and our own experience with data collection, we believe that this is a pioneering solution that can facilitate the work of many researchers in countries with a poorly developed IT system.